This was my 300th Amazon review and I wanted it to be about something that I actually enjoyed reading.  I hope you enjoy this review and feel free to leave comments!

Okay so this book was really good. I loved David Wellington’s Monster Island, Monster Nation and Monster Planet. This was one pretty much on par with those.


Okay so this book has our main character Tim is making his way north from California to Seattle. He saw his wife be attacked by a zombie on TV during a broadcast that was nationwide. So he is determined to go back home, find the zombie that killed his wife and kill that zombie to get revenge.

While that’s not a bad story idea, the story does have it’s short comings. For example, I don’t like when authors use the “Sadistic Military Official,” as a villain. However this time it was done right. We have Colonel Horne, a man who is charged with securing Seattle and making it safe for re-occupation. This antagonist was just perfectly written, I could almost feel Tim’s hatred for the man radiating from my Kindle.

Tim is captured and taken in by Horne. Horne is such a sadistic man that won’t let Tim go get his revenge so he is forced to stay in the safe area. However he breaks out and goes to look for his wife’s killer. What doesn’t make sense is that in order to trick Tim into coming back, Horne dresses a kid up to look like Tim’s child and brings him to show Tim. Tim is fooled and thinks this is his child. Not one parent that I know would EVER mistake someone else’s child for their own. So that part is not very realistic.

I did like very much that Tim knew that RFID chips are not a GPS tracking device and that Horne was lying about them. Everyone I meet thinks that they can be tracked by them but it’s good to see that this character had a brain in his head and knew they weren’t.

The book was very interesting and kept me glued to my Kindle for a few days until I had finished it. However the ending was a HUGE disappointment. The character of Tim who has fought so hard and for so long to find his wife’s killer just gives up because things got hard.


It’s kinda sad, there isn’t really a climax to this amazing story. It just sorta stops. Almost like Mr. Wellington got within 10 pages of finishing the book and said, “Okay that’s good enough,” and sent the book to his publisher.

It’s definitely worth picking up and reading, it just has a very disappointing ending.

4 Stars

I’ll end this post with something that a friend of mine posted on my FB page.

You’re the reviewer Amazon deserves, but not the one it needs right now. So, we’ll troll you, because you can take it. Because you’re not our reviewer. You’re a silent guardian. A watchful protector.  The Zombie Phreak…