I did an Amazon search for “Zombie Apocalypse” and this popped up. It was free so I downloaded it to check it out and man what a mistake that was.

This book is not about zombies or the apocalypse. This is about a 20 something year old who has problems with her boyfriend, her job, her best fiend and her father. On the very last page she vaguely mentions that “they” are under attack. Whose they!?! Humans? America? Her apartment complex? Her family? A little clarity would be nice.

This book is barely 20 pages long and it was free, I don’t have a problem with that. What I do have a problem with is that the next book is $2.99 and the two after that are $4.99 a piece. Are you friggin’ kidding me!?! If the first one was this bad and misleading, what the heck makes the author think I’m going to PAY her for the next installments!?!

Look, this isn’t a book or a story. This is just some whiny girl’s blog posts that she is trying to pass off as a book.

1 Star (And that’s only because Amazon won’t let me give it 0 stars)