This is a review of a short story about zombies set in England that was pretty good!


English zombie stories are sorta rare and this one was pretty good! We also rarely get a zombie story that shows us a government response to the zombie apocalypse, and this story was told almost entirely from the government’s POV with occasional interludes from news broadcasts.


The military is unable to respond to the zombie outbreak because the government cut their funding and closed most of their bases. Eventually the country is overrun by the zombies because of the zombie’s inability to function due to bickering, politics, and trying to look good in the public eye in order to ensure re-election. The heads of government eventually flee to Canada and leave England to it’s fate.

And we end with some Fox News anchors cracking a few Monty Python jokes.


I really liked this short story and I think any die hard fan of zombie literature will really enjoy this! My only complaint is that I wish it had been longer.