Alright, this wasn’t really what I thought it was going to be. This was a zombie apocalypse story written from the POV of a group students at a Christian college.


So our two main characters of Robert and Ewen are kinda bland. Robert just wants to get on the campus radio station and be a DJ. He’s also a walking musical encyclopedia. Ewen just wants to be noticed and make some friends. The author does pay homage to the godfather of zombie fiction by naming one of the buildings on the campus after George Romero.

The story has a little too much of a focus on the characters and their relationships with God and their religious discussions. I did like that the characters did grow and got to achieve their goals even though one of them died before the night was over.

Something that bothered me was that there was no real climax to the story. The characters holed up in an abandoned church, the zombies pound on the doors, wander off, then the police arrive and the story is over.


Overall I wasn’t really expecting a book with the focus on religion and God, I wanted more zombies, but the book was very well written with no glaring grammatical errors, and it did tell a good story. Give this one a shot!

3 Stars