Look, I like Marvel comics, I like anime, that doesn’t mean they should be combined.


First of all, what is wrong with all the character’s eyes? They just look creepy like the animator was just trying too hard to make them anatomically correct but also make them look like an anime character’s. Other than that the animation was pretty good.

Plus I could really care less that Obediah had a son he didn’t really care about which drove him to become crazy and inject himself with nanobots or whatever those things were.

The best parts of this was the parts with the Punisher in them, because let’s face it, anything with Norman Reedus in it is just plain awesome! It was also refreshing to see that Tony made references to other parts of the Marvel universe such as the Savage Land, Asgard, and Captain America. Other than those scenes I could really care less about the rest of this movie.


Unless you’re a HUGE Iron Man or Marvel fan, you can skip over this one. It doesn’t really add anything to the overall saga of the Marvel universe.