I really need to stop reading these books that are so short. The “book” itself is only like 10 pages long and the main/only character in the story has no character development other than she likes Seattle and the Space Needle.


I will admit that I liked that she traveled with a copy of her favorite book with her. Someone asked how she can read the same book over and over, and she replied, how can you watch the same movie over and over? That one bit of dialogue was the highlight of the entire story.

So what does our heroine do when she gets to her favorite place on all of Earth? Why she hangs herself from it of course.


The main character didn’t do anything in this story and nothing really happened. I will say that the author does have an excellent grasp of the English language and there were no spelling or grammatical errors that I could find. However it would be much more interesting if the author actually had a story to tell.

Give this one a pass.


1 Star