For once I give a bad author props for his bad book, because he does have potential.


Here’s another ebook that I picked up for free on Amazon and once again I see why it was free.  It was too short, there were a bunch of grammatical errors and the story as well as the characters make no sense.


Okay so this guy leaves his geology class to go to the bathroom and he comes back three minutes later and the entire world is overrun by zombies.  Man, zombies work fast in this world!  Also would you honestly help someone who just locked you in a building full of zombies and left you to die?

Not to mention, if Zack was really so desperate to get out of this building, why didn’t he just pick up a desk, smash a window with it and jump outside?  He was on the first floor so it’s not like he’d be falling 10 stories to the ground.


So even with those complaints about the book, I can see that the author does have some natural talent when it comes to telling a story.  I may read more of his work in the future, but this one could have been better.