Yet again, a free ebook turns out to be horrible.  I guess the fact that it’s only 40 pages should have tipped me off that this wasn’t worth reading.




So we have ANOTHER book about a whiny emo post high school guy who has the weight of the world on his shoulders and no one else can possible know the horrible burden that he’s suffering.  I mean it’s not like anyone else has ever lost a minimum wage job, or lost a girlfriend.  Also he’s pretty stupid because he’s also never heard of social security or medicare or medicaid to help take care of his retired senile mother while he’s busy at work, no it’s all up to him.  Oh, and my favorite part of this “story” was when the main character talks about eating a Hot Pocket, and how it will tomorrow begin its journey through the city’s sewer system as a piece of human feces.  Yes, this is what you really want when you read a zombie story isn’t it?


Then the second story in the book is about a flat out hate-monger who spends the majority of the story in a bathroom stall.  He whines about how much he hates his job where he is the “creepy guy” in the office and women despise him.  He later goes on to state he hates Democrats, African Americans and Italian Americans.  Yet for some reason he never misses an episode of the Jersey Shore.  A little hypocritical wouldn’t you say?


In both of these stories the zombies eventually show up but again like most other zombie books, they’re pretty much an afterthought.  Like the author remembered at the very end, “Oh yea, this was supposed to be about zombies wasn’t it?  Better stick ’em in here at the end.”




This book was just plain awful!  Why would anyone EVER think, “Oh this is perfect!  A burnout and a hate-monger as main characters acting like complete tools!  That’s what zombie fans really want isn’t it?!  This will really be a hit!”


Do not read this, do not download it, don’t even give this one a second thought.  Move on and find something else worth your time and money.


1 Star