This was a really great book that you should check out!


I’ve always enjoyed reading books that are written in the format of a diary or a daily journal.  It gives the story more of a personal touch and adds a bit of realism to the story and in this case it did just that, it made this story that much better!




Okay so the story is written in the POV of a nine-year old girl who is at school when the zombie apocalypse happens and her family is at home.  It actually does read like it was written by a child and it has everything in it that a child would put in their little journal, complete with the spelling errors and worries of a child.  Like getting in trouble for leaving her school books behind in order to make more room for food in her backpack, that made me smile.


Another interesting part of the child POV is that she doesn’t know how to fight or drive a car or use a gun.  So her only real option for dealing with the zombies is to run away or hide from them. 




The story has an ending leaves us wanting more and eager for the next installment of the series.  This is a great story and it is one that I recommend for all zombie fans.  Just don’t expect a lot of killing and fighting zombies. 


4 Stars