This book started out very nicely.  It had a small town cop with small town problems.  He had a child and a wife and they were all suddenly thrust into the zombie apocalypse.  Wait a minute, this sounds familiar…


Oh yeah, that’s the plot of The Walking Dead!  But this piece of fiction quickly showed that it had its own story to tell… Oh Hell, who am I kidding!?!  NO IT DIDN’T!!!  It even had the cop’s best friend turn on him and try to kill him just like Shane did to Rick!


Another thing, I understand that Dan’s wife was a gardener and I understand that she would have gardening tools in the garage.  I have no problems with that.  But why the heck would she have a pitchfork!?!  That’s for separating and moving large bales of hale!  Why would this suburban housewife need this for the little 6×8 garden that she has in her backyard?


Later on Dan and his daughter are forced to flee a house they are holed up in.  WHY!?!  Because one zombie saw them!?!   Just shoot it!  Even if the shot does draw other zombies, the author just stated that the place has bulletproof glass, the doors and walls are re-enforced steel, they have enough food and water for a year, and more guns and ammo than they could ever want.  Why exactly do they have to flee again?  Oh yeah, because they’re idiots and the plot says so.


This book was only mildly interesting because it used the same formula as The Walking Dead.  Other than that, there’s nothing worth your time here.


2 Stars