This book has promise but then it just crashed and burned.

Okay so this book was pretty cheap and it had zombies in it so I decided to check it out.  And just as I’m starting to realize with all these free e-books that are under 150 pages, you get what you pay for.




There are lots of grammatical errors and the pacing of the story is pretty lame.  There is no sense of urgency or horror during any part of the book.  As the story progresses, the errors get worse and more noticeable.  The book is also very poorly edited that is if it was edited at all.  Not to mention that the tense keeps switching back and forth between past and present for no apparent reason.


Plus things are just too convenient for these characters.  Our main character has camping and survival skills when those skills are rare to find in someone who lives in modern day Great Britain.


The dog Hamish also apparently held it’s bladder and bowels for three straight days.  Where do I get a dog that’s that well trained?


Moving onto the plot, the British military attacks the American military forces after the British government asks for our help to help extract a possible source of a vaccination.  Our president then asks, “What do we do now?”  Here’s what you do you idiot!  You have all this on video, so release the video of this attack to every news station, website, and newspaper in the country.  Then you go before Congress and demand a formal declaration of war.  Then you mobilize our military forces, go in and TAKE what you need and leave those limey jerkwads to rot in their bunkers.  How about that?  Does that sound like a good idea?


Another thing that bothers me, why did the helicopter drop the troops at the fence instead of taking them right to the hanger where they knew the survivors they were looking for were holed up?  Maybe the pilot thought the troops could use the exercise?


Not to mention that the story doesn’t end, it just sort of stops.  Like the author stopped writing it and just walked away but the story still got published somehow anyway.


Another plot hole is that the zombies are slow one minute and then fast as Olympic sprinters the next minute with no explanation as to why this is.  Or why the zombies walk in straight lines up and down roads and railroad tracks.




This story is just lame and not interesting to read about.  Give this one a pass.


1 Star