Okay so I know my name is “Zombie Phreak,” but there are some zombie movies that even I can’t get through.  And I got through “Porn of the Dead” and “They Came Back,” and “Severed.”  But I couldn’t make it through this movie.  I got this for 5 bucks at a used movie/record store, and frankly that was too much for this movie. 

I can usually handle crappy zombie movies, heck my bread and butter of reviews is crappy zombie books. But this was just too much. The acting was terrible, the special effects were laughable, the plot was non-existent and the whole “Shaky Camera” thing was just too much.

I’m pretty sure that all the locations they shot at were just places the actors worked at in real life, or their own homes, or public parks. I can usually find something I like in every zombie film I watch but this was just awful!

Give this one a pass.


1 Star