I rented this movie out of the Red Box last night and it was just okay.

This movie was nothing that the public hasn’t seen before.  It was more or less The Hangover meets Dude Where’s My Car.  Only instead of looking for their car, they’re looking for where their buddy lives.




So the basic premise of the story is that there are three college friends, one of which, Jeff Chang, just turned 21 today which means in the USA he can now legally go into bars and drink.  So his two buddies drag him out and go drinking at basically every bar they come to.  Because let’s face it, when you turn 21 you do go out and drink because it’s finally legal and they can’t keep you out anymore.


So the character Jeff gets wasted beyond belief even though he has a college interview to med school tomorrow and he basically passes out from drinking way too much.  He gets into wacky situations as his friends try to get him back to his home so he can sleep it off and go to his interview in the morning.


Of course he has an overbearing father who wants him to go medical school when he doesn’t really want to.  His two buddies learn that he isn’t as perfect as he seems and the two re-connect over the course of the movie and they realize how much they all missed one another.   It has drinking jokes in it, it has topless women (Which is a staple for movies like this), it has party scenes and all the other things we’ve come to expect in these movies.




All in all, it’s nothing new.  It’s cute and it appeals to the college and high school kids and those of us who remember college fondly and those of us who love college-type humor.  It’s nothing awesome but it’s worth checking it out if you can rent it from somewhere.