I picked this book up at a gaming convention a few months ago and I finally got around to reading it and seeing what it was all about.  This was also the same convention where I got to hang out with my old college roommate Charles Yallowitz.  Which by the way if you get a chance check out his Legends of Windemere series, it is really awesome!  Enjoy the review!




Right off the bat, who is the woman in the red outfit on the cover?  Is this supposed to be Angela Buttacavala?  She’s a side character and she’s only in this book for like 40 pages of this 217 page book.  So why put her on the cover?  Not to mention the romance between Angela and Legrasse seemed very rushed and like it was tacked on as an afterthought.


I also really didn’t like how this book portrayed African Americans.  It made them seem like they all were very poorly educated, they all spoke like they had mental problems and are mostly all practitioners of Voodoo.


The stories are interesting and they do have a creepy vibe to them that did sorta fit in the Cthulu genre and that was pretty cool.  However there is more to the Cthulu mythos than just Cthulu himself and summoning him.


I did really enjoy the one story that wasn’t about Cthulu and was about the guy in the swamp who was setting out the mouse and rat traps.  That was a pretty cool concept!  You come into a shack, find a dead guy there and you find out what happened to him by reading the dead man’s diary.  Very awesome!


Plus I really liked the idea of a Navy Destroyer opening fire on Cthulu!  That was pretty awesome!




Overall this was just an okay book, nothing amazing, but it was entertaining.


3 Stars