This is a review of a really poorly written mess of a book that I really can’t recommend to anyone.

So the first book was just okay, but this one was just a disappointment.  The author still didn’t put any page numbers in this book, and they still put the table of contents in the back of the book instead of the front of the book, plus the table of contents DOES have page numbers.  The whole format is just backwards.


I really hate books that have zombies talking, and on top of that I really hate books that have zombies trying to build a functioning civilization to replace human society.  What was wrong with just tearing people apart and eating their flesh?  What fix what isn’t broken?  Plus who puts zombie dogs in their zombie book?

So then we get a king of the zombies and he can control them with telepathy via fleas.  The zombies can drive cars, use guns, operate computers and they have a fully functional society.  This is just stupid!!!

The only good parts of this book were the few brief parts where the humans actually fought back (you know like in the title of the book!), and tried to survive the zombie apocalypse.  I really don’t want to read about the zombie apocalypse from the point of view of the zombies anymore than I want to read Jurassic Park from the T-Rex’s POV.

The book was just plain bad!  I only read it because the first book was mildly interesting.  I won’t be reading the next book in this series because it looks like it’s all downhill from here.  The format of the book was an interesting concept, but the story was just terrible.


This author took a chance with a new take on the zombie apocalypse, and he failed miserably.  Here’s the formula for a successful zombie apocalypse story:  Human society is going along as normal, zombies rise and they grow at an exponential rate and overpower the military and destroy human society.  Humans go into hiding and try to fight them off until they either destroy them all or the zombies rot away.  Then while all that’s happening you throw in some interesting human characters with their own problems and conflicts with the zombies and other surviving groups of humans.  That’s how Max Brooks did it, that’s how George Romero did it, that’s how Robert Kirkman did it, and it’s worked pretty well every single time.

If these masters of zombie literature all used pretty much the same formula and it’s made them living legends in this field, why fix what isn’t broken?

This book was just a failure.  If you really do want to read it, I suggest you skip the first 60 pages, and then stop after you read the guy’s tweets who was hiding in the wax museum.  That’s where the book took a dive.

2 Stars