Here is a review of the graphic novel “Green Lantern Corps: The Weaponer.”  It was really good and I loved it!  Enjoy my fellow comic fans!

This comic was really good!  I always knew that Sinestro’s ring came from Qward, but this comic really gave the being who forged it a cool backstory!




So the guy who forged Sinestro’s ring is called, “The Weaponer,” and he kidnaps Sora, Sinestro’s daughter.  He demands that Sinestro comics to him or she will pay the price.  The Weaponer plans to make Sinestro pay for all of his crimes.


However when Kyle Raynor finds Sinsestro he doesn’t care and him and Kyle fight.  A hilarious fight ensues where Sinestro is giving Kyle a thrashing while telling that he was trained by a Korugarian master of fighting and he asks Kyle where he learned to fight.  To which Kyle answers “Batman!” just as he delivers a devastating uppercut to his enemy.


Sinestro wins the fight and refuses to help Sora.  Instead some members of the Green Lantern Corps and the entire Sinestro Corps go after the Weaponer, but he manages to defeat them all.  Eventually Sinestro does show up and the two fight in a great battle.  Sinestro defeats the Weaponer and offers him a spot in the Sinestro Corps.  He accepts and the comic ends with him being the newest member of Sinestro’s shock troops and also a hint from Ganthet that a threat named “Krona” is coming!




This was an incredible story!  Any fan of the Green Lantern will enjoy this comic!


5 Stars!