This is a review I did of volume 2 of the comic Green Lantern titled “Revenge of Black Hand.”  It was awesome!  Enjoy it, my loyal readers.

I loved this comic!  I loved the artwork and I loved the story!  Also I loved the fact that we finally got a little more of a backstory on the Indigo Tribe!




Finding out that the members of the Indigo Tribe were murderers and killers and the worst of the worst was really cool!  We also got to finally see the Indigo Tribe’s home world and we also finally find out just what “Nok” means.  That’s been bugging me since the “Blackest Night,” event.  It was also good to see Hal and Sinestro go up against Black Hand.  He’s quickly becoming one of my favorite villains in the DC universe.


Another nice twist was that the Guardians are looking to replace the Green Lantern Corps and they are imprisoning some of their fellow Guardians.  I don’t know what they have up their sleeves, but I am eagerly looking forward to the never volume of this series!




You have GOT to check this one out!


5 Stars