This movie was hands down the best Superman movie that has ever been made!  The backstory was entertaining and informative and showed us how Superman came to Earth and how he learned to control his powers.  It also showed us what happened to Krypton and why the main villain wanted to hunt down and destroy Superman.




Another thing that was cool is that we find out that the suit that Superman wears isn’t just a costume, it is clothing from Krypton.  The “S” on his chest is also explained as not being an “S,” but it’s a symbol for hope on Krypton.  It never occurred to me that the symbol could mean something else on his home planet.  It was a very cool twist and very creative!


Also if you watch closely, you’ll see subtle references to other super heroes and villains in the DC universe such as Batman, Lex Luthor and Super Girl.


The best part of the movie was when we FINALLY get to see Superman fight a super villain!  In all his other movies he’s just lifted heavy things and flew around.  Unless you count that slap fight he had with Nuclear Man in Superman 4.  So this fight scene with Zod and the other Kryptonians was just amazing!




Some people complained that there was too little of Lois Lane in this movie.  But it’s a SUPERMAN movie, not a Lois Lane movie.  My only real complaints about the movie is that there is no mention of Kryptonite and Zod didn’t say his classic line of “Kneel before Zod!”


This movie was incredible and any fan of comics, Marvel or DC will love it!  Check it out!


5 Stars!