Here is a review of Clash of Kings that I did, and yes I loved it!


Let’s start this review the same as the last one in this series, no I don’t watch the show.  I only read the books.  Once I get current with the books I may watch the show on DVD.


There are so many awesome characters and plotlines in this book that there is no way I could summarize everything in just one review, so let me just give you the highlights.




Sansa has moved from a character that I utterly hate, to someone who I am feeling sorry for.  She is finally from of being engaged to Joffrey, but now she’s most likely going to become one of his concubines, forced to stay at Kings Landing, and that she’ll never see her home or family again.  Arya is someone I still love reading about and I love how feisty she is and how she refuses to give up no matter how bad things may seem!  Jon Snow is still my favorite of all the POV characters and I just love that we finally got to see more of what is beyond The Wall!  I am very eager to find out more about his exploits and his adventures beyond The Wall with the Wildlings.


But Theon, oh God, Theon.  What are you doing buddy!?!  You could have had such an amazing future ahead of you!  The Starks were pretty much your family for years!  If you weren’t getting the title and the respect and military status that you want on the Iron Isles, then go to Winterfell and swear loyalty to the Starks!  I’m sure they’d grant you a lordship, a command of your own and you’d have pretty much everything you want that your father isn’t giving you.  Plus he just makes one bad decision after another that leads to his eventual demise.  I was kinda hoping he would last longer, but at least his downward spiral was cool to read about.


Also, can someone explain to me what exactly a “Zorse” is?




This was a great sequel to the first book, and I am very eager to read the next book in the series.  This is a must read!