Here is a review of the new movie “The Purge,” and good lord was it just bad!

I really wanted to like this movie, I really really did.  Looking at the trailer for this movie, it looks like it’s “The Strangers” only set on a national level.  The premise is that the US was on verge of collapse so in order to fix this, a new group of government officials decides that on one day for twelve hours that all crime is legal.  I guess that idea is that people won’t commit crimes any other time a year or do anything violent, because on that one night they can indulge all they want and get it out of their systems.


Going back to the trailer, it looks like we have video coverage from the whole USA that shows people doing violent things all over the country and once in a while we get images from one family’s house as they fight off home invaders in creepy masks and outfits.




Seriously, this movie is not what you think it’s going to be.  It’s just constant social commentary about class warfare and with a little bit of racism thrown in now and then for good measure.  Not to mention a lot of things happening in this movie just don’t make sense and the characters are just idiotic!


First of all, the main character played by Ethan Hawke is a security system sales guy.  So he has the top of the line security system in his home so he’ll be safe during the Purge.  While driving home his radio is playing and it’s people saying the Purge isn’t fair because the rich can afford protection and the poor can’t.  Then someone calls into the radio station and says they are going to hunt down and kill their boss.  Okay great idea!  Then tomorrow you won’t have a job!  If you kill him, your employer is dead, if you fail and he lives then he’s going to fire you the next day.  Wouldn’t it be easier to just get a new job?  Also it’s mentioned that the Purge is used to kill off the lower class of America and the other undesirables of society.  I don’t watch movies to hear society commentary and hear people whining about the 1%  I watch movies for escapism and to enjoy myself.


Next the family locks down the house, but one of the kids sees someone outside yelling for help, and stupidly the kid lets this total stranger who is covered in blood and holding a knife into his family’s home.  Look, I care about my fellow human beings as much as the next guy, but on a night when all crime is legal, and this man is covered in blood, and is holding a knife, and is asking for me to let him into my home?  Sorry, not gonna happen.  My family’s safety takes precedence over a total stranger’s safety. 


What’s crazier is that the daughter’s boyfriend sneaks into the house and tries to kill the father so he and the daughter can be together.  Moron!  Do you REALLY think that this girl is still going to love you after you MURDER her father!?!  On what planet does that make sense?


Later the group of psychos that was chasing the bloody stranger shows up and demands that they release the guy outside to them because “their equipment is arriving,” and it will allow them to gain entry to their home.  Their “equipment” consists of a 4×4 pickup that they hook up to the metal barriers with chains to the doors and just rip them off.  Yeah, that’s a great security system.  You spend like $100,000.00 on this thing and it’s compromised by a used pick-up truck and some chain from Home Depot. 


What I also don’t get is why do these weirdoes want to kill this guy so bad anyways?  What’s so special about him?  Is it because he’s African American?  Because he’s homeless?  Because he’s a veteran?  Did he do something to them?  Just a little clarity would be nice


Not to mention that during the Emergency Broadcast System alert that shows that all weapons are legal during the Purge.  Okay fine, I can get behind that.  But what doesn’t make sense is that for the rest of the year these weapons are illegal.  So how did they get these weapons then?  It’s still illegal to buy and own them for the other 364 days of the year.


Plus the idea of the Purge wouldn’t work.  The neighbors break in and try to kill the family because they’re jealous of the family because they are so rich.  The family fights them off and holds them at gunpoint until the Purge is over at 7am.  Okay good you lived through the night, but they still hate you and they still know that you killed some of them in defense.  Those feelings don’t just get swept under the rug.  Seriously, you think you can try to murder someone and the next day they’re just gonna wave and smile at you?


Okay now that’s enough of this idiotic family.  Please explain to me how making all crime legal for one night is going to save America?  Like, “Hurray!  Tens of thousands of people were just murdered in cold blood!  America is saved!”  How does that make sense? 




This movie was just dumb and it was a waste of time.  I went to see it because it looked creepy and it was made by the people who made Paranormal Activity.  But it’s looking more and more like that was the only good movie they ever made.


Give this one a pass.