Here is a review of a Star Wars book called “Crystal Star,” by Vonda McIntyre.  It was bad, just really really bad!


I picked this up at a used bookstore a while ago, and boy what that a mistake!  This has to be without a doubt one of worst Star Wars books ever written!  It’s up there with Planet Twilight, The Black Fleet Trilogy, Red Harvest, Shatterpoint and Ruins of Dantooine.



Okay, so what do you think of when you think of Star Wars?  Jedi Knights fighting with blades of pure energy while harnessing a mystical “Force” that binds the universe together?  Or maybe you think of bounty hunters doing covert assassinations and seek and destroy missions on some planet in deep space.  Or even huge space battles that have hundreds of one-man fighter ships battling it out while huge capital ships slug it out with one another?  Well this book has none of that.


Instead we have a couple of five-year olds whining because they were taken from their mommy by a bunch of barely developed characters.  It also has Leia constantly being emo and bawling because her kids are gone, while Luke and Han are on “vacation” and are bickering with one another like a couple of school children.


Luke is just not the Jedi we know and love in this book.  Its fourteen years after Return of the Jedi.  Luke has established his academy on Yavin 4 and is a Jedi Master.  Yet in this book he never uses his lightsaber except when he’s practicing with it in his hotel room.  Doesn’t use the Force at all.  Is whining because he’s “sick,” and he can’t recognize a being that is obviously evil that is standing right in front of him.  Okay, Palpatine and Vader were blowing up entire planets and Luke got right away that they were evil, but this “Waru” character wants to destroy the entire universe but Luke can’t get it through his head that the character is up to no good.


Also, why is there a centaur in this book?  This isn’t a fantasy novel, it’s Star Wars!  Speaking of things that don’t belong in this book, who is the character silhouetted on the cover that is holding a blaster rifle on the left side?  Seriously, this character doesn’t show up in the book, and no one in the book ever even uses a blaster rifle, so why is this guy on the cover?  Makes no sense!!!


Moving on to the “climax” of the book, (if you can even call it that), Luke and Leia are floating around in space inside the Waru creature, they have a moral dilemma, they escape and the thing implodes or something.  Seriously, I think I would be more entertained by watching C-SPAN than reading the climax of this novel!



This book was just awful, there’s no getting around that!  It has no redeeming qualities at all, the characters in the book are NOTHING like the characters of Star Wars that we know and love, and the pacing is so slow that you’ll fall asleep while reading it if you’re not careful.


Give this one a pass!


1 Star