Okay, I was asked by a friend to revisit this “author.”  In the past I have purchased a few of his books from Amazon, and I got a few of them from bargain bins in local book stores.  A lot of his books are based on zombies, but lately he seems to be trying to branch out to other genres.

Plus lately he has moved to publishing, if you can really call it that.  If you do a basic Google search of his name, you’ll find out that over the years he has “published” people’s work, but also managed to screw them out of almost every cent they were entitled to via very vaguely worded contracts that he forces authors to sign before he’ll work with them.

He’s taken people’s work, changed entire storylines, characters names, genders and added scenes in and basically changed things to the point where what you’re reading isn’t even close to what the author originally wrote.  On top of that, in most of the work he publishes, Anthony will put in scenes of pointless violence where women are sexually assaulted, battered and raped.  And these scenes are in practically EVERY book he writes or publishes. He stiff the authors, barely pays them, won’t give them free copies of their own books, and charges an arm and a leg for the books themselves all while giving the actual authors themselves practically nothing for every copy of their book sold.

Okay, why am I writing this post?  Honestly it is not because I want to bash Anthony Giangregorio.  Seriously I’m over the guy and I’ve moved on to other works of fiction.  The reason I’m writing this is to warn aspiring authors of bad publishers.  Before you go and sign on with a publishing house, do your homework first.  Google is your best friend.  Find out what the publisher has done in the past, check out blogs, contact other authors who have worked with that publisher and find out what kinda of organization they are and what kind of people they are.

Also, ALWAYS read any contract that they want you to sign.  Make sure you are getting your share of the profits that you feel you are entitled to and don’t be afraid to try to negotiate a better contract if you feel you deserve one.  Plus if your publisher doesn’t want to play ball with you, you can always go somewhere else.  There are many independent publishers around the world.  Just because you have one group interested in your work, that doesn’t mean they’re the only gig in town.

One final point.  Don’t be worried about being “Black Listed,” by a publisher.  Unless you piss off someone BIG like Penguin Publishing or Del Rey or Random House, you aren’t going to be black listed.  You’re not going to be black listed if the publisher is literally a company whose central office is some guy’s “home office,” a.k.a. his basement or garage.

In the words of Rocky Balboa, “if you know what you’re worth, go out and GET what you’re worth.”

I hope this helps any aspiring authors to find out what they should look out for.  If Anthony ever reads this and wants to comment on it, just remember, you brought this on yourself buddy.  You can’t treat people like garbage when other people’s work is your bread and butter and then expect people not to find out about it now that we have the internet.

Tune in in a few weeks for some upcoming zombie reviews and a review of a big name novel that I’ve been working on for a while.

May the Force be with you all.