I usually don’t like zombie books where the main character uses mostly martial arts.  I much prefer guns and bladed or blunt weapons.  But this book really stood head and shoulders above the other kindle books that you find in the zombie genre  First of all, it is SO refreshing to see a woman as a main character who is strong, driven, independent, and doesn’t need to be constantly rescued by a big strong man, but instead can save herself from danger.




Okay so the story goes that practically everyone in the world has a bad strain of the flu and the government is responding by rushing a vaccine into the public and having everyone take it.  This is supposed to cure everyone of the flu, but instead it turns them all into flesh eating zombies.  Cassie (our main character) and her family are all health nuts so they don’t take the flu vaccine and it ends up saving their lives!


Cassie is a black belt in karate and she has a guest instructor named Bryce.  Bryce is someone who Cassie thinks is really hot and she ends up fighting him in sparring practice.  He tried to take it easy on her but she insists that he give her all he has so she can get a decent work out and also show him that she isn’t just a weak little girl to be handled delicately. 


So then the zombies rise and Cassie’s family is scattered all around the city and she wants to find them and bring them home safely.  Thankfully her father is a gun guy who has a big collection of guns in his gun safe that is in his “Man Cave,” that she has the keys to.  She goes out looking for her father, mother and her little sister.  While out looking, she finds out that the people who her little sister was staying with were attacked.  Cassie manages to rescue the girl and her mother, but her own sister is missing.  Later she finds the queen bee of her own school and her little Chihuahua and takes them to safety and she rescues another little dog too.


Her crush Bryce shows up around this time and upon arriving back home to Cassie’s house they find out that Cassie’s dad made it home safely.  Her dad goes to the basement to his “Man Cave,” and comes back with two assault rifles.  Funny how Cassie didn’t see those when she was in the gun safe earlier.  Then again I guess he could have scrounged them up from the dead soldiers that were in the city when he was on his way home.  I guess I can’t really nitpick on that too much.  Another thing that doesn’t make sense to me is that in chapter three  Cassie goes to a burger joint to get some lunch and the employee there sneezes on the wrapper as they’re handing the burger to Cassie.  Sure it wasn’t the burger itself, but the wrapper that was surrounding the burger, but still if that happened to me I’d ask for another burger to replace the one the employee sneezed on.




But other than those two things there’s really nothing wrong with this book and it’s really great!  The characters are realistic and interesting.  The story is great and the plot keeps your interest so you want to know what happens next.  I eagerly look forward to the next book in the series!