Okay, there’s no way to sugar coat this, this book was just bad!  This shouldn’t have been one book, this should have been an anthology, the individual chapters had very little to do with each other.  The only real thing they had in common was that they took place in the same town and the characters kinda know each other in the way where you look at someone and think that you may have once met them like five years ago.




Something that really bugged me is that the author is just trying too hard to be gross and shocking.  I know in zombie literature that gore is part of the story element, but this author just takes it way too far.  Instead of trying to cram gore down our throats, the author should have taken more time to develop the characters or the setting.


In this book, the chapter numbering jumps from chapter eight to chapter three, how exactly does that make sense?  Not to mention that later in this book there is a scene where a newborn infant starts to feast on the corpse of its mother.  How exactly does a baby that was just born seconds ago feed upon the flesh of the dead body of its mother when the child has no teeth?  What is it going to do?  Gum the flesh off of the body?


The scene in the sporting goods store was just a blatant rip off of Stephen King’s “The Mist,” it even had a Bible thumping uppity old hen trying to rile everyone up and convince them that it’s the end times and that the dead rising the God’s wrath or some such nonsense.  What’s even worse is that one of the characters even mention’s Stephen King in an internal monologue.


On top of that, you’re really telling me that this sporting goods/army surplus store doesn’t have hunting rifles or firearms of any kind?  On what planet does that happen?  In this store the guy who owns it “Hubb” just swears too much.  He swears to the point where his insults just don’t make any sense.  I almost wanted to say out loud, “I get it, you’re old, crotchety and you swear a lot, can we move on now?”


Lastly, talking zombies?  Really?  Only Return of the Living Dead was ever able to do this and make it work, whenever anyone else tried to do it, it just came out stupid.




This book was just boring the characters were uninteresting, I didn’t care about any of them, and frankly I didn’t care how the book ended and I kept reading it because there was literally nothing else on my Kindle.  Give this one a pass.