Here is a review of an e-book that I did that was just so bad that it sucked royal flaming donkey balls!


Very rarely do you ever get to read a zombie book that shows a competent military response to the zombie apocalypse.  Examples of good military responses in zombie novels were “World War Z,” and “Day by Day Armageddon.”  And frankly, Zombie Response was just not up to snuff.




The members of this military strike team are just so bland.  There’s really nothing to distinguish them from one another except for the weapons they are carrying.  And speaking of the weapons, some of the weapons that these guys take with them just don’t make any sense.  A sawed-off double barreled shotgun?  Why the hell would you take this on a covert ops mission?  A sawed-off is horribly inaccurate at any distance over like 20 feet, plus they’re loud and they constantly need to be reloaded.  Why would you take this with you on this mission?


Moving along, throwing knives?  In the time it takes you to reach for the knife, cock your arm back and throw it, your opponent will have already emptied half of his clip into your center mass by then.  Plus, a katana, on a covert infiltration mission?  Are you kidding me!?!  Again, by the time you draw your sword and get within striking distance with your blade, your opponent will have already have filled you full of holes.


Going back to the forgettable characters, one of them dies in the book and I actually was scratching my head and trying to remember who the character was what he did in the book and why I should care that he was now dead.  And frankly I came up with nothing.


It’s really sad, this could have been an awesome “Zero-Dark-Thirty” type of story, but it just flopped so hard that it was pathetic.  Just like most other zombie stories with a heavy military story line, it’s just like reading a description of someone playing a Call of Duty game.  What’s worse is that this book is supposed to be set like thirty-five years in the future but the only thing that makes us think it might be the future is that there is mention of some fancy ray guns that they can use to take out their targets.  However they’re very briefly used and then discarded.  Why was this story even put this in the future at all?


This book was just plain bad!  The characters are bland and uninteresting, the plot is old and tired, the dialogue is campy and cliché and the author relies way too much on talking about weapons in order to flesh out the book and the characters.  The only good part of this book is the cover, that looked awesome!  However the cover is not a reflection of how good this book is.  Give this one a pass.