This is a review of an e-book called “Star Wars: The Hive” by Steven Barnes, and frankly it just sucks!


This was one of the worst Star Wars stories I’ve read in a long time.  And I’ve read Crystal Star, Truce at Bakura and Vector Prime.  This one was on par with those stink bombs.




Okay so Obi-Wan is on this alien planet and it’s inhabited by a bunch of insect aliens.  They need to find the hidden eggs of the royal family.  Why?  Because they can use them to stop an EVIL corporation (that has taken up residence on their planet), from making and exporting war droids to the Trade Federation that would be a threat to the Jedi.


So Obi-Wan is given a guide who is one of their best warriors and he is named “Jesson,” and he is so BLAND and boring that I kept hoping something would kill him off.  Let’s get this over with.  They are told the eggs have been lost to history and many have tried before them and had no luck.  Yet Obi-Wan and his buddy find them in less than two hours.  Not really as lost as we thought they were now were they?  But on the way there, they end up fighting a bunch of cannibalistic insect aliens, and that sadly is the high point of the book.  It’s all downhill from there my friends.


Then Obi-Wan comes up on a locked door and he whips out his lightsaber and jams it into the lock in order to open the door just like his master did in The Phantom Menace.  I didn’t have a problem with this, but what I did have a problem with is that this book states that the blade is “emerald” colored.  Umm… excuse me, in every incarnation of Obi-Wan from live action movies, to animated shows, to video games, to comics, to books, his lightsaber has ALWAYS had a blue blade.  Hell even on the cover of this e-book it’s blue!  Did no one who actually KNOWS Star Wars proof read this before it was published?


At another point in this e-book it is written that: “Stalactites depended from the cavern’s roof.”  Shouldn’t that be “Descended?”  Again, no proof reader?


So eventually Jesson and Obi-Wan get the door open and go inside and play a trivia game with a super computer that tells Jesson that all his answers are wrong and he throws the equivalent of a temper tantrum.  But it turns out the computer was just testing him and he was right all along and the eggs are his to return to his people.




This book was just lame!  I would have much rather read about the evil corporation and the droids they were going to be making to fight the Jedi and the Republic than about this drivel!  This e-book isn’t worth the $1.99 it costs or the time it takes to read it.  Go read something worth your time that actually contributes something to the Star Wars storyline.


1 Star