Here is a review of an e-book that is set in the Star Wars universe and it was simply awesome!!!

Let me start this review off by saying that no one, and I mean NO ONE can write for Boba Fett as well as Karen Traviss can.  When I saw this book on Amazon I was delighted and I was even more excited when I found out that she wrote it!


I knew from the Star Wars comics that the Mandalorians were involved in the Vong War during their invasion and that they fought alongside them against the New Republic.  But this e-book really helped fill in the gaps that the comics and the novels left.  I knew they weren’t just in it for the credits!

The visuals that Karen Travis paints with her story were just amazing!  Having Boba Fett walking through the depths of one of the Vong’s ships was great!  I could almost smell the slime oozing from the walls and hear the squishing of his boots as he walked across the pulsing floor.  Also, having him compare being in the ship to being back inside the Sarlaac pit was very cool as well.

During the book, the Mandalorians are faced with a moral dilemma.  They have signed up with the Vong, thinking they are just an army that wants to wreck a few worlds and they’ll get some quick cash off of it.  But it turns out it’s an entire invasion armada and they want to destroy the entire galaxy!  Boba Fett and the Mandalorians have already taken the job so they are honor bound to stand by their word and fight alongside the Vong against the New Republic.  However in doing so, Fett adds on that the Vong have to leave his home planet of Mandalore alone.  They agree and of course they are lying to him.  But this gives Boba Fett the time he needs to mobilize his people for war.  And when you have the entire population of the Mandalorian home world gunning for you, you might just want to reconsider your course of action!

While fighting alongside the Vong, Boba Fett manages to sneak information to the New Republic about the Vong, their plans, their technology and their biology.  Eventually the New Republic wises up and realizes that the Mandos are double agents and they send a Jedi Master to parley with Boba Fett.  He tells the Jedi to keep this under wraps and to keep fighting against the Mandalorians as if they are the true enemy in order to keep up the ruse so they can continue to slip the New Republic information about the invaders.  The Jedi Master asks what Fett wants in return.  He only asks for one thing, that the Republic knows that a Mandalorian warrior died to save a Jedi Master.


This book was awesome!  Karen Traviss continued to do what she did best in the Star Wars universe, writing for Boba Fett and the Mandalorians.  It really is too bad that she and the rest of the Star Wars writers had a falling out due to creative differences and that she is no longer writing for Star Wars.  I would have loved to read more of her work in a Star Wars setting.

5 Stars!