Here is a review that I did of an ebook called “30 Minute Plan” by Gerald Dean Rice and I posed it on Amazon.  It really wasn’t that great.


So as usual I picked this up hoping for some zombie awesomeness and I will admit, this book did introduce a few interesting things to the genre and the author deserves props for it.




The plot of this story is pretty basic.  There is a headquarters that houses a bunch of scientists who are doing research on zombies and a bunch of military grunts.  One of them is taken by the zombies and the main character, Danton decides it’s his duty to go and kill him to put him out of his misery.


During the course of the book we find out there are different types of zombies and they all smell differently.  Plus there is one “boss” zombie per group of zombies that gives them all orders.  That was pretty interesting, kinda like “Big Daddy” did in Land of the Dead.  Those were both pretty cool ideas.


So Danton gets a bunch of weapons together and he goes after his buddy to put him down.  He runs into a child zombie who is one of the smart zombies.  The zombie then pukes on Danton and infects him, turning him into one of the living dead.  What’s crazy is that almost instantly, Danton decides he wants to help and protect the little girl who infected him.  I don’t know about you, but if someone infected me with a virus that would eventually be my death and they were standing in front of me and I had as many weapons as this guy supposedly has, I’d unleash my wrath upon them!


When the action starts during the second half of the book, it’s almost like you’re reading a blow by blow of a first person shooter game.  He’s racing through buildings, shooting off guns, rapidly swapping weapons, tracking down the boss baddie in order to take him out.  All that’s missing is a couple of kids using foul language and shouting insults at each other and I’d swear that I was reading a transcript of a Call of Duty game.


So then the little girl zombie is killed and then Danton panics and doesn’t know what to do.  Again, this is the same being who infected him and turned him into a zombie.  I don’t know about you, but if the thing that turned me into a zombie was suddenly dead, I’d feel a sense of satisfaction that that creature was now dead.


At the end of the book it turns out that Danton has returned to his old headquarters and is going to infiltrate it to infect everyone in the building so they’ll be his pack and he can lead them.  It was a pretty lame ending.




The rest of the book is exerts from three other books that honestly I couldn’t care less about, so it was pretty much just filler.  I will admit the setting of the book is good and it does introduce a few ideas that were cool.  Other than that the book was pretty boring.  Unless you get it for free, don’t bother with this one.


2 Stars is my final verdict