Here is a review of an ebook called Alive Again by Geo Dell.  It was just really bad.


I try to find the good in everything I read, I really do. But I had a very hard time finding anything in this ebook that was good other than the price, which was free through Amazon Prime.


The only real plot of this book is that There are three characters, Bobby, Kim and Shelly and some zombies. Kim is bitten and is about to become one of the zombies. Shelly is really broken up about it and is sobbing hysterically non-stop. Apparently she and Kim were lovers or something because she just keeps going, “Kim my love,” and whining about her being bitten. So Kim kills herself by blowing her own head off and Shelly becomes catatonic with PTSD and doesn’t talk for three weeks. When she does finally talk again, she states she doesn’t like beans and the story is over.


I don’t know what the author was thinking when they published this. The characters have no defining characteristics whatsoever, we don’t know what they look like or what their motivations are. We’re barely given an idea of what environment they’re in or what they’re trying to accomplish.

I really just can’t recommend this to anyone.