Here is a review that I did for a book called “Wolverine: Road of Bones” by David Mack.  It’s gotta awesome action in it and some great dialogue as well!  As always this is cross posted to my Amazon account, and my FB account.  Enjoy!

Wolverine has always been one of my favorite Marvel characters. He’s tough, strong, cunning, he has ninja/samurai training, he can track via scents, he has those claws and a ton of other stuff. There’s just too much to list why he is so awesome!


So this book had to tracking down the mystical ninja group known as “The Hand,” who stole a miracle cure that they are going to turn into a medical treatment that they will use to enslave the world.

Wolverine teams up with a Japanese mutant named Wai Ying and a former KGB agent named Ziv. Together the three of them race around the world and stop in exotic places like Brazil, Russia, Japan, etc, while they are looking to find leads on the Hand and their allies in the Russian Mafia, and where the drug is being kept.

Once in a while we cut to a woman in Africa whose children are unfortunately dying from diseases that the local doctors do not have the money or medicines they need to fight them off. Her life is shown as nothing but non-stop pain, misery and suffering. She also talks about when she was raped, about other women being raped, people being murdered and marauders coming and stealing food and medicine from the people who need it so badly. So honestly the scenes with her in them are depressing and just one big buzz kill. The book loses points because of this.

Also, Wolverine’s healing factor is incorrectly portrayed. In the comics I’ve seen him recovery from having his entire body engulfed in flames in just a few seconds. Here it takes over an hour. Minor points are lost because of this inconsistency.


All in all, the action is good, the locations are pretty cool, and seeing Logan go up against the Russian versions of the Wonder Twins was pretty rockin’! All fans of Wolverine will enjoy this!

3 Stars