This is a review of a book called “Star Wars: Force Unleashed 2” by Sean Williams and it was just awful.  I’d define it as an editorially mandated sequel.  I made it 5 chapters into the book and said “This is stupid,” and quit reading it.  This book sucked but I feel you as readers need to know about how bad this book is so you’ll avoid reading it and save yourself.


Okay let me say right away that I did read the first book when it came out and yes I did enjoy it very much.  Star Killer was amazing!  He was evil and he did Darth Vader’s bidding and he hunts down and destroys the remaining Jedi.  Then eventually he realized what he was doing was wrong/evil.  He then tried to do the right thing but he was killed before he could finishing righting the wrongs he committed.


His sacrifice then inspired others and made the realize that they didn’t have to just sit back and do what the Emperor told them to.  They then formed the Rebel Alliance and used Star Killer’s family crest as the symbol for their rebellion.


This was a perfect way to end his storyline and mark Star Killer’s place in the Star Wars mythology.  But then Lucas Arts made another game so they told the author to write another book, so Sean Williams churned out this garbage.


Star Killer is brought back from the dead via cloning and I really hate that.  Brining back a character from the dead is something I hate.  I really despise when authors do this.  When an author takes death and makes it not scary and takes away the finality of death, it reduces the impact that a character’s death has on the reader.  Because in the back of their mind they know that there is a possibility that the character may be brought back.  But when death is final, then a character dying can really affect the reader.


 Just an example, Dobby’s death in the Harry Potter series, or Sturm’s death in the Dragonlance  saga or even Chewbacca’s death Vector Prime.  We knew they were dead and they were not coming back, so we were really broken up about their deaths.  Tracy Hickman and Margaret Weis said in several interviews that they got letters from readers (this was in the days before email was widely used), saying how outraged they were that Sturm was killed.  And I KNOW that R.A. Salvatore pretty much got death threats for killing Chewbacca.  So imagine if the whole time they were dead we had in the back of our minds that they might not really be dead.  Then the death of a character loses the impact it can have on a reader.


What also is annoying is that reading this book is a lot like watching a “Let’s Play” of the game this book is based on.  Only instead of watching it on YouTube you’re reading about it blow by blow in a book.  Heck there are even parts in this book when I was reading it I was thinking, “yep, this is probably one of the boss battles of the game.”


This book was so uninteresting that I couldn’t even finish it.  It was lame and boring and I really didn’t care about reading about Star Killer 2.0’s exploits.  The Star Killer I know and love is dead and this book was just an insult to his memory.


Give this one a pass.


1 Star