Zombie football players. That’s right, this book has zombie football players in it. Look, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. When you take two things that are awesome and mash them together you don’t always get Reeses Peanut Butter Cups!


Okay so in this book we have our main character Logan Cole who is the star quarterback of a team called the Jackrabbits and he is in the process of leading his team to victory and become district champions or something.

Their rival team, “The Badgers” is all jacked up on some kind of steroids from Mexico that are having horrible side effects that are turning the team into violent psychopaths. The Badgers have a few of their team members jump Logan and tell him to throw the next game or else there will be trouble. Then they chop off a few of his fingers with a hatchet and then they run off.

So let me ask you this, if you are attacked by a few masked assailants and they chop off your fingers, what would you do?
A. Contact the police so they can find who attacked you and file criminal charges
B. Apply pressure to your wounds and try not to panic
C. Seek medical attention immediately
D. Go to a pep rally and give a rousing speech to your fellow students about tonight’s game

Well in Logan’s case the answer is D, go to the pep rally. He goes there and tells everyone they have to fight and win on the field. Then when the police are called and the paramedics arrive, he waves them off and tells them he doesn’t need any help and isn’t interested in giving a statement to the police. Yeah, this guy is our hero.

Later on the Badgers know that the Jackrabbits are going to a football game and they decide to sabotage a bridge that is on their way to that game. The bridge is sabotaged and the bus they are on is sent crashing into the river below. The Badgers then rejoice because that means that the Jackrabbits will miss their game and they won’t have to face them for the championship. Ummm, guys, you didn’t just make them miss a game. You just MURDERED like 30 people!
This causes Mona, the local cat lady and also apparently a voodoo priestess who is a football fan on top of all of that as well, to feel dark forces moving in the cosmos. What happened? Did she feel a disturbance in the Force or something?

Not to mention that the Badgers fired off a shotgun in order to signal the people to yank the supports of the bridge out. The shot actually hits someone in the face. Now that usually tends to kill some people when it happens to them. But the character “Booker” just gets upset and it causes him to get a few scabs and other than that he’s just fine.

The main characters of Savannah and Logan go see Mona who starts to resurrect the team from the dead. When she starts her little ritual, it kicks up a breeze and Savannah says “What’s that?” Ummm, I’m pretty sure that’s the wind sweetheart. Most of us experience that phenomenon at least 10 times a day. You’re in your late teens, I’d kinda expect you to be used to it by now.

So there are a few specific things I want to point out and then I’ll wrap this up.

Page 165, in this book that has 344 pages, on this page we FINALLY see the zombies. The book is almost half over and we just now see zombies?

Page 266, a zombie FINALLY attacks a human! Isn’t that kinda what zombies are supposed to do in a ZOMBIE novel!?!

Page 315, a cop broke into someone’s house in order to use the phone, isn’t that illegal? I know he’s a cop and he’s in a bind, but you can’t just go into someone’s house, even if you do need to call for backup.

Page 324, we FINALLY get a football game. In this book about football, we’re 20 pages from the end before we actually play football. You’d think in a book that is about football and has a football player on the front of it, we’d have football introduced a little sooner in the book.


The game at the end of the book was just lame and boring to read about. Plus we all knew from the very beginning that Logan was going to end up with Savannah, the other main character. So that wasn’t really a surprise.

The front of the book said, “A Thriller!” But the only thrilling part about this book was when it was over. Give this one a pass.