Here is a review of the animated movie, “Planet Hulk”  It sucked!  Don’t waste your time watching it, instead go buy the comic and you’ll enjoy it much better.

Planet Hulk, one of the greatest Hulk stories of all time.  

It’s got the Hulk being shot into space and being taken as a slave and thrown into gladiator pits and forced to fight for his survival.  Then he escapes, returns with an army of freedom fighters, overthrows the Red King, and replaces him with a fair and just government only to have it all destroyed when the ship that brought him to this world explodes and destroys everything he’s built for himself, even his new wife and child.  Then fueled by this rage he returns to Earth to seek vengeance on those that sent him to that world and that destroyed it.

I don’t know how you take a story that epic and screw it all up, but these guys managed to do it!  First of all, there’s only half the story here.  What about how they used Hulk’s blood to start growing crops again?  What about when the Hulk decides he doesn’t want a “Shadow,” but he wants her as a wife instead?  What about when he helps the Spikes escape the planet and return to the stars where they belong?  What about the army that he lead back to fight the Red King with?  What about when he fought the Silver Surfer as his final opponent?  What about when Miek goes into his cocoon and then becomes super big and strong?  Plus they totally left out the character of the Brood, she was one of my favorites in the comic!

Not to mention the story is all screwed up!  Hulk took out the Red King, they didn’t inject him with one of the Spikes!  And they left out the Red King’s monologue where he tells the Hulk that he loves being in charge and it’s his “pleasure” to keep these people under his heel and rule them?

Why he hell can’t Marvel just take a good comic book story and just put it on the screen?  Why do they have to try and “adapt” it or “re-imagine” it?  It was one of the greatest selling Hulk stories they ever put on paper, so why mess with it?  Just keep it the way it was and it’ll probably sell just as well as the comic did!

Marvel, what is wrong with you!?!

1 Star