I loved the original Paranormal Activity, and the sequel was good as well.  The third one was kinda scary and it also helped to give a little more back story to what was going on with the whole demon and witch coven thing.

This movie however was just lame.  It kinda had things that the other films had it them, with the whole “Night X,” and then the date and it had a few creepy things happening.


But the jump scares, oh lord the jump scares.  A cat jumping into frame to scare me is not scary.  A girl flopping on her bed to scare me is not scary.  A mom opening the garage door and carrying in groceries is not scary.  A basketball bouncing down the stairs?  Just stupid.  And the thing with the kid riding around on his big wheel just reminded me I could be watching The Shining instead of this thing.

Plus an internet reviewer pointed something out to me that I didn’t even think of.  Why was Katie taken to the hospital in the first place?  We never find out.  Also, when she came back she looked fine.  She didn’t have a place on her arm where they could have put an IV in, she didn’t look lethargic from anesthetics, she didn’t have a hospital ID bracelet on, etc.  So what the heck was she doing at the hospital?  Some clarity would be nice.

Also, the movie is pretty much one big commercial for Apple products and the Xbox Kinect.  Because EVERYONE in this movie has an Apple laptop, or an iPhone, and we are shown people playing Kinect and those weird tracking dots from the Kinect are shown EVERY friggin’ night!

Another thing that bothered me was the fact that these parents have to be the dumbest parents on the planet!  When clearly supernatural activity it shown, they completely ignore it.  It’s almost like they stick their fingers in their ears, closer their eyes and go, “LA LA LA LA LA, I can’t hear you!”  I mean you have to actively TRY in order to be this oblivious to things.


I will admit that the extended version of the film is good and I really enjoyed the extra little tidbits that it had to show us.

Honestly it feels like they just made this film as an afterthought or an attempt to cash in on the franchise.  It doesn’t really add anything to the Paranormal Activity storyline or give us anymore background on what’s happening.  This film should never have been made and they should have just have left the series with three films.

2 Stars