Here is a review of the animated film Hulk vs. Thor that I did.  It’s getting late, so just enjoy it and I’m gonna get some much earned rest.

There’s not really much to say about this movie, but I’ll do my best given the material I’ve been given.




First of all, there was no real plot to speak of.  Sure we had Loki possessing the Hulk in order to use him to defeat Thor and destroy Asgard, but we’re missing vital pieces of information.  Who is the woman in green he got to help him?  How did he find Bruce Banner?  How did he get Banner to Asgard?  How did Loki convince this chick in green to help him?  Why didn’t we see her get rejected by Thor in order to establish at the beginning of this story that that is the reason she is helping Loki?  Why do we have to wait until half way through the movie in order to find this out?


I’ll admit it was cool to see that not even Loki, the god of Trickery could control the Hulk, only Banner can do that, and it was even cool to see Thor and Loki fighting the Hulk together and them convincing the god of the dead to let them have Banner’s soul back from the depths of Hell.  They really are a good team when they work together.


In the end Banner is re-united with the Hulk and he is able to control him again and he is sent back to Earth because his soul is too destructive to leave in Hell.  Thor then tells the Lord of Dead that her realm has suffered great losses today.  How do you figure?  All that happened was that a few boulders were smashed by the Hulk.  Yeah, I guess they really value boulders in Hell.




I’ll admit the animation was pretty good, and I loved seeing the Hulk as pretty much the avatar of rage incarnate.  And seeing him utterly thrash Thor almost to the point of killing him was pretty cool as well, cuz it once and for all settled the question in my mind of who is mightier, Thor or the Hulk.


I picked this up for five bucks in a bargain bin at my local supermarket so I’m glad I didn’t pay full price for what is basically a street fight between Thor and The Hulk.


2 Stars