Here is a review of a graphic novel that I did from the Avengers Vs. X-Men event comics.  I really enjoyed it and only a few things were wrong with it.  Enjoy it!


This concept has been done before, but it’s done so well that I didn’t mind re-reading what I’ve pretty much already read.  It’s not a rip off, if anything I’d call it an improvement!


First of all the artwork is incredible and the dialogue is superb!  I know this just shows the fights and gives almost no plot exposition, but who cares!  It’s all constant non-stop action, and that’s what we all came for!




I’ve always wanted to see some of these fights, especially Iron Man vs. Magneto!  I was shocked to find out that Iron Man won!  I kinda thought he’d be at the mercy of Magneto.


Thing vs. Namor was something I was waiting years to see!  After all the crap that he put the Fantastic Four through throughout the year, he needed a good thrashing!  I could also tell that the Thing was wanting to do this for a long time!


Captain America vs. Gambit was perfectly done!  I can’t find anything wrong with it and I’m glad it ended the way it did, with Captain America putting the hurt on the Ragin’ Cajun.  Even though I love Gambit, I’m glad he lost.


Spider-Man vs. Colossus was a good fight!  Even though Spider-Man is my favorite Marvel superhero, I know that he stood very little chance against Colossus, so I wasn’t surprised to see he lost.


The Thing vs. Colossus was a pretty tough fight and frankly I felt it could have gone either way.  But Colossus IS the Juggernaut, so it’s fitting that he won.


Black Widow vs. Magik was a fight I didn’t really care much about so I wasn’t too invested in it.  But it was still a good fight!  Magik ended up winning.


Daredevil vs. Psylocke was a great fight!  They are both pretty much ninjas so it was a ton of hand to hand combat.  I liked them both so I am glad it ended with a draw.


Emma Frost vs Thor was just idiotic!  You’re telling me that someone who is basically a dominatrix in white leather wins against the GOD OF THUNDER just because she’s sexy?  Get the hell outta here!


Angel vs. Hawkeye was a rockin’ fight!  Nuff said!


Storm Vs. Black Panther, I didn’t like how this ended.  This should have been no contest and Storm should have easily won this one, but it ended in a draw.


Scarlett Witch vs. Hope was a disappointment.  Scarlett Witch could have just wiped Hope out of existence, but no, they decide to have a fist fight instead.  Just lame!




The rest of the fights are all silly and I could basically take them or leave them, but they are still funny and made me chuckle.  It’s a good comic but it’s over priced at $24.99, pick it up on sale somewhere, but definitely pick it up!