Here is a review that I did of the new Red Dawn movie.  Where else can you get Thor and Peeta in the same movie?  Enjoy!

First of all let’s get this out of the way right now.  Yes I saw the original back in the 80’s and I loved it.  Okay now that we got that out of the way, let’s move on.


The action was incredible!  The gunfights were great and the running battles rocked so hard!  The costumes of the North Korean invaders were very realistic as well!  I actually thought I was looking at real life North Korean soldiers!


Plus when Josh Hutcherson’s character raised his assault rifle to the heavens and yelled the classic line of “WOLVERINES!!!”  I had the same chills run through my body that I had back in the 80’s when C. Thomas Howell did it.




There are some parts in the movie that just didn’t make any sense to me.  Like when the father/sheriff is on the bullhorn telling his sons to go to war and the Korean officer is about to shoot him.  Right then Chris Hemsworth’s character had a hunting rifle with him and it was pointed at the officer, plus it had a scope on it.  So why didn’t he just shoot the guy before his father was shot?  I mean, that’s what I’d do if I was in that situation and someone was about to shoot my dad.


Plus later one when the Wolverines and their new allies infiltrate the police station which was turned into the Korean HQ, they run into some soldiers there and are spotted.  One of the Korean soldiers is a woman and she shrieks like a little girl upon seeing enemy soldiers.  Why did she do that instead of drawing her sidearm and shooting the intruders?  Seriously!  You’re a soldier and you’ve been trained pretty much since you could hold a gun on how to be a soldier for the North Korean dictatorship.  And your reaction to seeing the enemy is to scream at the top of your lungs like a little girl who just saw a mouse?  How the hell did she make it through basic training if this is how to she responds to a combat situation?  You’d think this would have been addressed before she was dropped into an active warzone.


Another thing I didn’t understand.  What was the point of bringing in the Russian commando and pointing him out to the audience?  Seriously, the only thing he does is tackle one of the Wolverines and inject him with a tracking device so they can find the Wolverines.  ANYONE could have done that!  Why did they need to spend time and money to bring this guy in from Russia?  The North Koreans don’t have anyone in their military that can push the plunger down on a syringe?  They have to outsource that to a Russian guy? 


Something else that bugged me, why didn’t we see the fate of the mayor’s son when they abandon him because he’s got the tracking device in him?  They just give him some gear, a machine gun and we never see him again.  It would be nice to see his last stand.


Once Chris Hemsworth’s character dies the movie just takes a dive.  His brother is left to lead the Wolverines and he just can’t pull it off like his brother did.  He tries to give a rousing speech to inspire others to join the Wolverines to fight the North Koreans but he just fails miserably.  It’s like he was mumbling his way through this speech.  I doubt this guy could lead a troop of girl scouts let alone a group of freedom fighters!


The ending is a disappointment as well.  We are shown an overhead shot of the high school football field that was turned into a prison camp.  The American prisoners are rattling their cells, shouting “Wolverines!” over and over.  We’re given shots of the North Korean guards who are nervously watching the prisoners, their weapons being held tightly and we can see they are scared.  Then in the distance we see a group of vehicles racing toward the prison, guns blazing, RPG’s are being fired and the guard towers are destroyed in fiery explosions!  The American prisoners, still shouting “WOLVERINES!”  Are charging toward the gate, one of them finds an American flag and begins waving it furiously, the audience is on the edge of their seats in anticipation of what will happen next!  And we roll the credits.  REALLY!?!  You pulled a Sopranos on us!?!  We don’t even get to see what happens?  Were the prisoners liberated?  Did the North Koreans gun them down?  Was it a trap set by the North Koreans?  Did the escaping prisoners join the Wolverines and help re-take the city?  We don’t know, it’s left up to our imagination.  THAT SUCKED!!!




There are a few homages to the original film, such as the battle cry of “WOLVERINES!!!”  As they stop the execution of the townspeople.  The phrase, “The chair is against the wall” over the radio.  Plus a few others as well.


The movie had it’s flaws, but it was also very good.  I loved Chris Hemsworth in this and his character basically carried the whole movie.  It reminded me of the original film and it brought that film to the current era with changing the villains from the Russians to the North Koreans.  It also gave me the same thrill that the original did and it made me proud to be an American.


Wolverines forever!