This comic was a huge disappointment.  The title is basically a lie.  She doesn’t “rise” in this book, if anything she sits around and reflects on things she’s done.  This should have been titled “Phoenix Aftermath,” or “Phoenix Wrap-Up.”

The story is pretty boring and it’s pretty much just the clean up after the whole Phoenix saga.  It just serves to get Jean Grey back into the Marvel continuity, break up Scott Summers and Madelyn Prior, and get him back with Jean Grey.  It also served to remind me why I stopped reading X-Men back in the 90’s.  Every male on the X-Men/X-Factor/X-Force teams with a pulse wants to sleep with Jean Grey.

She’s not even that interesting of a character to read about.  So why do all these male characters want to get with her?  Is it because she’s female, has red hair and green eyes?  I kinda like my characters to have more defining characteristics than, “Ohhh she’s hot!”

Something else that didn’t make sense was that on page 44, Wolverine has his old yellow and brown costume on.  But then in the VERY NEXT PANEL, he’s in his yellow and blue costume with no explanation of why the change happened.

The only good parts of this book were the parts where the Fantastic Four and the Avengers show up and interact with Jean Grey.  Even then the interesting parts are the Avengers and the Fantastic Four just being there!

I can’t recommend this to anyone, give it a pass.