Here is a review of an ebook that that I did for a story called LZR-1143 by Bryan James.  And in the sea of crappy zombie books I’ve read lately, this one was a winner!  Enjoy!


I LOVED this story! I loved the idea of taking a call center’s overnight crew and isolating them from everything else in the world while the zombie apocalypse happened outside and they are given very little info about it.

These people working in this boring and drab building for eight hours a day doing mind numbingly repetitive tasks over and over, all that by itself is enough to drive anyone mad. But when you add zombies into the mix, that just makes it awesome!

The characters are relate-able and interesting, which is something that most zombie authors can’t seem to pull off these days. So it’s nice to see characters you can relate to for a change. Big props to the author for this!


The ending is very realistic. The two remaining cube rats are running for their lives and they find a skylight that they open up and they aren’t strong enough to pull themselves up individually. So they are forced to go up one at a time. One stays behind to give the other a boost. Once the first cube rat is on top of the roof, he turns to help the other and it’s too late, she’s been caught and torn to shreds by the zombie horde. When he’s on top of the roof he realizes he was too cowardly to actually try to help her and only wanted to save himself. It really makes the reader wonder what we would do if we were in a life and death situation like this. Most of us like to think that we would do the right thing and help out others, but deep inside some of us know that we would just try to save our own skins and leave others to their fate.


The story is great, the plot is perfect, the characters are interesting, believable and realistic. Anyone who likes zombie literature will enjoy this!