This is a review of a graphic novel called “Flash Point,” that is set in the DC Comics universe and is written by Jeoff Johns.

The Flash has never been one of my favorite characters, or even a character I was ever really interested in reading about.  But Geoff Johns took The Flash and made this character very interesting and told a story that had me very interested to find out what was going to happen next and to find out if The Flash would triumph or if he would be defeated by Reverse Flash.


So the fact that The Flash could run so fast that he could travel back in time was very interesting!  On top of that the fact that he used that power to go back in time and save his mother was not only cool and selfless, but it showed how good of a person he was.

The switch where Bruce Wayne actually died that night after the movies and then his father lived and became the Batman was very cool!  Geoff Johns made this new Batman darker and grittier than the Batman we know and love and this had me turning the pages quickly to see how The Flash and this new Batman interacted.

Flash is without his speed powers in this book, and also in this world the Justice League is non-existent so The Flash can’t just go running to them looking for help, he has to rely on himself to get the job done.  On the flip side, our main villains of this comic are Aqua Man and Wonder Woman who are taking their respective armies to war with one another and the people of this world are caught in the crossfire.  So Barry has Batman help him recreate the experiment that originally gave him his powers.  He is eventually successful and he is once again a speedster.  Then Reverse Flash shows up just as Flash has gathered a fighting force of heroes in order to fight the Atlanteans and the Amazons.  Reverse Flash is defeated by Batman and Flash fixes what he did by travelling through time and set things right.  Also he brings a letter from Batman’s father to Bruce Wayne and gives it to him and is actually able to bring tears to Bruce Wayne’s eyes.


This comic took a character I couldn’t care less about and made me interested in him, his powers, his backstory, and his fate.  After reading this comic I will more than likely pick up other Flash books and see if any of the other stories are this good as well.