Here is a review of a zombie novel called “Grey Dogs,” by Ian DG Sandusky.  I really didn’t like this one at all!  I gave it one star and I have no desire to ever read anything by this author ever again.  As usual this is cross posted to my Amazon account and my FB account.  Enjoy!


I don’t know why I keep buying zombie novels.  It seems that no matter how many positive reviews some of these books have, they just suck.  It’s like I have to wade through like twenty or so bad zombie books before I find one good zombie book.  The reviews for this book made it sound like it was awesome, so I put it on my wishlist a few months ago and then finally picked it up.


I know I say this a lot in my reviews, but I have to say it again here.  These characters just aren’t that interesting to read about and I really don’t care about what happens to them.  I have no investment in them and I really don’t care if they live or die.




The main character Carey, is just boring.  He’s a 22 yr old bouncer who also has the weight of the world on his shoulders because he’s a college student.  And as we all know from our time in college that THAT part of life is the most difficult time you will ever experience and that no one else will ever understand the pain and suffering we feel at that point in our lives.  In other words Carey is whiny, boring, self-loathing, and sees alcohol as the only escape to his Earth-shattering problems.  Most of those problems consist of the fact that he has a bad relationship with his parents and his girlfriend dumped him.  Also what’s annoying is that he is ALWAYS talking about alcohol, or comparing things to alcohol, making jokes about alcohol, etc.  Not to mention he seems to be constantly spouting catchphrases that are modified just enough so the author can’t be sued for using them.


The only really interesting character in the book is the father of the fraternal twins.  He had an actual backstory, actual motivation, actual goals, and I grew to like and care about him.  But then he’s put in a dangerous situation and we cut away, never really sure if he died or made it out or what happened.


There’s really no plot to this book other than, “Hey look, there’s zombies, RUN!!!”  And that’s it.  It’s just these guys running away from zombies.  There’s no character development, there’s no growth, nothing, just a lot of driving and running away from zombies.


Just a few more specific complaints and then I’ll wrap this up.


All the men in Carey’s family seem to hear the voices of dead people in their heads for some reason.  On top of that, this book is 202 pages long, yet we don’t actually get actual zombies until around page 80 or so.


On page 55, a cop shoots a C9 machine gun and Carey states that it shoots out a gout of flame twelve feet long from the barrel.  Ummm, that’s a machine gun, not a flamethrower!  If anything you’d have a tiny flash at the end of the barrel of the gun.  Plus they’re in Canada, shouldn’t he be measuring stuff in meters and not feet?


On page 116 Carey states that after this is all done, he is going to buy a grey dog.  Ummm… okay, why?  That’s like saying that when I’m done writing this review I am going to buy a green inner tube.  What the hell does one have to do with the other and why would you want it?




I really hate to be that guy who just seems to give negative reviews, but this book was really just bad and it was a chore to get through it.  I was tempted a few times to put it down and never pick it up again, but I forced myself to continue, hoping that it would get better, but it never did.


Give this one a pass.