Here is a review of a book that I did from the Warhammer series called “Nagash the Sorcerer,” by Mike Lee.  It took a little while for the book to get going but I really enjoyed it!  As always this is cross posted to my Amazon account, and my FB account.  Enjoy!


Okay I finally found a copy of the first book in this this trilogy and I eagerly dove into it to find out how one of the best villains in the Warhammer world got his start!


Right off the bat Nagash is an interesting and an engaging character that you just instantly grabs your attention and makes you want to follow his exploits as he yearns to gain respect and the power he so desperately craves!  We follow his descent into evil as he goes from being one of the holiest men in his kingdom to being the most evil and vile necromancer to ever inhabit the Warhammer world.  He is willing to sacrifice family members, innocent people, even his own brother to gain the political power and necromantic power he wants as he follows his desire to become a living god!


The story is really engaging and the author is excellent at setting an atmosphere for this book.  The way he describes the bleached skeletal legions of Nagash’s army and the burning heat of the desert is just perfect and you can almost feel the sun beating down on you as you turn the pages.


There are a few minor complaints that I have about the book.  First of all it’s just too long, 515 pages is not exactly a light read, but it’s worth it in the end.  Also many of the characters have very similar names and that makes it kinda hard to keep straight who is who.  The epic battles (which the author is very good at writing and describing), also just seem to go on too long and turn into sieges that sometimes last months and even years.




The ending is very lackluster and anti-climactic.  One of the kingdoms that opposes Nagash develops gunpowder and guns off-page.  They then show up with their new guns, shoot and kill his armies and shoot Nagash to the point where he is so injured he is forced to retreat.  Seriously it’s almost like the author didn’t know how to end the book so he just threw guns in there.




So even with those few things I didn’t like about this book, it was really pretty good.  It paints an awesome picture of Nagash’s background and shows how much he utterly hates the people who defeated him and it shows us his motivation to do what he does in the next two books in order to raise an undead army and destroy those who cast him out into the desolate wastelands.


If you like Warhammer, or fantasy or books with necromancy in it, you will certainly enjoy this book.  Check it out!  This is a solid 4 stars!