Here is a review of an ebook called “Aftermath: Found, by Richard Schwarz.

This book was just horrible!  The characters are just not interesting and there is really nothing in this book that makes it redeeming in any way shape or form.




One character is introduced to another and it’s just horrible.  One character sits down in a car and someone just starts talking to her.  We’re not told that the character who sits down sees someone in the car, no one says hello, we don’t get a physical description of the person and we don’t even get an acknowledgement that they even know someone is there.  We just all of a sudden have a dialogue started and suddenly the main character is talking with this person.  I’ve seen this done before and one of the characters jumps in surprise because they didn’t know someone was there, but this was not the case.


Later we are told this character’s name is Casper.  Casper is shot by one of the other characters, whose name I cannot say here because it is a very vulgar term.  So this guy then shoots Casper because Casper coughed.  The other character states Casper had the zombie virus.  That’s a pretty big leap of faith based on just a cough.  What if he had some dust in his throat or had a sore throat?




This book was just horrible and I can’t recommend it to anyone.  The author clearly has no talent and should really take some creative writing courses at a community college or something, because this isn’t even worthy of being called fan fiction.