This is a review of the ebook, “Circus of the Dead” by Seth Blackburn, it was not what I wanted in a zombie book.  As usual this was first posted to my Amazon account and then cross posted to my Facebook and then here.  Enjoy!

This ebook was just lame, boring and not really worth the time it took to download it and to read it.   Normally I put spoiler warnings in my reviews but here I won’t because I won’t bother telling you what happens in this book because it’s so lame that it’s not even worth talking about.

Even as I sit here writing this, the only character’s name who I can remember is the Reverend Joe, because he had that one defining characteristic, he was a reverend.The Reverend was just an annoying character because according to him anything good, anything fun, anything enjoyable, and anything pleasurable was from Satan and you were going to hell because you enjoyed doing something other than monotonous, thankless, backbreaking labor.

The other characters I don’t think even had names.  The guy in the tux wasn’t given a name other than something like, “Fancy Pants.”  Plus his fat buddy who drove his carriage around didn’t have a name and the only defining characteristic he had was that he chewed tobacco and the stains were all over the front of his clothes.

Something else that is annoying in this “zombie” book is that there are barely any zombies in it!  Seriously!  There are zombies in this book for like maybe 2 pages total and the rest is just about these lame and boring characters that frankly I had no investment in.

One thing I will give the author props on is his ability to describe a scene.  He describes the dilapidated town these characters live in perfectly.  I could very easily picture the buildings that were put together from the ruins of other older buildings.  I was able to envision the dingy, yet colorful circus with its bright lights and loud music.  Also the description of the clown with his grease paint make-up was very well done and it really painted a good picture of what the clown looked like.

All in all the story is just boring and the characters are easily forgettable.  The author is great with the English language, he just doesn’t have a story to tell.  The only thing that kept me reading was the hope that soon there would be a storyline in this book.  But sadly there was none.