Here is a review that I did of a short story called “The Sickness: Monte’s Story, by Jeannie Rae.  It had it’s problems but I liked it.  As usual this is cross posted to my Amazon account and my FB page.  Enjoy!


This was a short story that had a pretty basic premise that had been done a few times over in other works but this one made it interesting.


There are a lot of cliché’s in this story, like the main character running into the one person who is carrying the cure of this disease, the main character having a dream they are left behind by everyone else and the zombies get them, the military setting up a blockade and keeping the civilians inside the affected area and threatening to shoot them if they leave.  They’ve all been done before, but this author kept the clichés toned down so he wasn’t bashing us over the head with them.

There are a few grammar and spelling mistakes in the book and they distract from the story.  Plus there are no page numbers which is also annoying to me.

The main character Monte calls one of the soldiers guarding the civilians “Lieutenant Lunatic.”  However I kind of doubt the military has a lieutenant pulling guard duty.  Also when Monte approaches the military blockade at first they point their weapons at her and insist she turn back or they will fire.  But then they let her through with pretty much the following argument:  “Awww, come on please!?!”

On top of that, once she’s in the military encampment, you’d think she’d mention to somebody, “Hey, there was this scientist lady carrying a bag of medical stuff that cured my zombie disease that she dropped like a few miles back.  If you hurry you might be able to secure this cure and save everyone!”  She seriously didn’t think sharing that information would be a good idea?


But all in all the story is good, it has a young woman yearning to leave home and be independent and when she finally does obtain what she wants, it is a double-edged sword.  She is on her own, but all her family is dead.  She is someone you can really root for, the story is engaging and it keeps you interested all the way through.  This is definitely worth checking out.