Here is a review that I just put up for “Dead Tavern” by Chad P. Brown.  As usually this is posted to Amazon and cross posted to my Facebook page.  I gave it 3 stars.  Enjoy!

Okay this is going to be a pretty short review since the story itself is only 15 pages long.


First of all the main character is pretty bland and the author should have taken like another page or so to flesh out the main character, Kent. We really don’t know much about him other than he was a veterinarian, he had a brother and he rides around on a Harley.

The ending is pretty predictable where we have Ben having his zombie mother chained up so he wouldn’t have to kill her. I saw that coming the moment he said, “Mom’s in the back.” Also the ending where Ben kills himself rather than killing his zombie mom saw that coming too.


Even with those things, this was still a good short story. The author knew just how much detail to put into his descriptions of things like the wrecked bar and Kent’s appearance to give us a good idea of what they looked like without going into so much detail that it was annoying.

The price was right (free), it had zombies, it had booze and it was short, but a little too short.

Check it out.