This is a review that I wrote for the PC game, Starcraft 2:  Heart of the Swarm.  I loved it and it kicked ass!  As usual this is cross posted to my Amazon account and Facebook account.  Enjoy!

I’ve been playing Starcraft since the first game came out in 1998 for the PC and I also picked up the Brood Wars expansion pack where we had more of the story given to us and we see more of the Queen of Blades and her trickery.  Then in 2010 when Wings of Liberty was released I was blown away by how awesome the game was and how much time and effort was put into it.  Also there was so much in that game that just showed the player how dedicated the team that created it was to making sure the game was awesome.  I thought to myself there was going to be no way in hell that they could top Wings of Liberty.  But then I bought Heart of the Swarm and I was proven dead wrong!


Okay so here’s what I’m going to do, I’m going to talk about the storyline first and then I’ll go into the game mechanics.  So if you don’t want to be spoiled on what happens, then you may want to skip ahead.




Okay so the story picks up right where Wings of Liberty left off.  Tichus is dead, and Jim has been reunited with Kerrigan.  We are shown that she was pretty much human again except for her hair which is still in those weird Zerg dreadlocks.

We’re shown how far Arcturus Mengsk is willing to go to eliminate the Queen of Blades and how he just lies to everyone around him and is even willing to sacrifice his own son to kill Kerrigan.  Kerrigan is told that Jim Raynor is dead and she goes beserk!  She flees and finds one of the Zergs’ Leviathans and goes aboard and assumes command.  They are more than willing to serve her as they did before.  They tell her that they were her minions in the past but she has no memories of them or her life as the Queen of Blades.


Kerrigan finds out the history of the Zerg and she uses that power to unleash her full potential and assumes full command of the Swarm and once again becomes the Queen of Blades.  She mutates the Swarm into the deadly army that she needs it to be and then she attacks.  She finds out she was lied to and that Jim is still alive so she goes after the ship that is holding him.  When she frees him he is furious that she has reverted back to her old form and basically threw away everything that Jim fought to accomplish.  At that point Jim actually says to her, “We’re done!”  And he storms off, even though she finally told him that she loved him.


Then you attack Korhal and go after Mengsk.  It takes a few missions but eventually you are on the final mission where you use the full might of the Swarm to destroy Mengsk’s defenses and eradicate his corrupt empire.


But then who shows up again, but Jim Raynor!!!  He tells her that he has too much invested in this revolution that he started in the last game and tells her that he will stand by her to the bitter end.  I was overjoyed when I saw that he came back for her!  Eventually you finish the last mission and you are given the cinematic of Kerrigan going up against Mengsk one on one.  The cinematic is so incredible that I can’t tell you what happens, you have just GOT to play the game to find out, it’s really that good!




Okay so this volume of the game has the same mechanics as before and the same basic units as before.  But instead of improving your tech, you improve Kerrigan’s abilities.  However unlike last time, you’re not stuck with what you pick once you make a decision.  Between missions you can go back and pick different talents and try them out.  Not only that, each unit has three unique abilities of it’s own that you can pick from between missions.  So you can really tailor your army to what you like and your own personal style.


On top of that, each unit has it’s own evolution missions.  Where you can take the DNA of different species of creatures and incorporate them into your unit.  Just an example, one of the missions is for the Ultralisk.  You can decide between having the Ultralisk go into a cocoon upon death and then re-spawn 60 seconds later, or having the Ultralisk be able to emit poison gas every like 30 seconds that stacks poison damage on your enemies.  You then get a little mini-mission with the two different choices and then you make a decision which one you want to keep.  This decision however is final.


The only thing I didn’t like about this game is that every once in a while you’d get the creature that basically tells the Leviathan (the ship you ride around on) what to do, telling you that there is another brood mother who is willing to re-join the Swarm.  Kerrigan then uses her telepathy to tell that brood mother to destroy a certain military outpost and then they can re-join the Swarm.  However we never see this battle or get to command that brood in order to destroy said outpost.  It’s just assumed that  everything went according to plan, that base is destroyed and that brood is incorporated back into the Swarm.


Other than that, this game is amazing!  The story was great, the new variations of the units were terrific, the graphics were out of this world, and we even get a classic character from Brood Wars who shows up as well!  I don’t care what anyone says, this game is out of this world and it’ll have me playing it over and over again for years to come.  That is until the Protoss expansion comes out 😉


This is a must buy!