I know this comic has been out for years, but I have finally gotten a chance to read it and here is my review of it.  Enjoy!

So this was one of the storylines that popped up after Civil War ended.  Civil War was one of my favorite Marvel stories that have come out in a LONG time!  Mainly because it brought out tons of obscure characters from retirement and we got to see them in action again.


At the end of the story Captain America realizes that they are not fighting about the issue, they are just fighting, and he surrenders to the police and orders his followers to stand down.




So in this book Captain America is on the steps of the courthouse and is heading inside to be arraigned and put on trial.  But someone doesn’t want him to get inside the courthouse so a sniper is dispatched and Captain America is shot and killed.  At first I was thinking, “Okay he’s been shot hundreds of times before and he basically just shrugged them all off like they were nothing.  But I am glad that they clarified it by saying he was wearing some type of handcuffs that nullified his powers and therefore the bullets would kill him.


The rest of the book is basically Falcon, Black Widow, Bucky, and a SHIELD agent named Sharon running around trying to find his killer and bring them to justice.




The story wasn’t bad and it was good to see Bucky back in action.  And using the Red Skull’s daughter and her father’s legacy as the driving force behind the story was very cool.


Where the story loses it’s appeal is the actual death of Captain America.  Marvel has had so many characters die over the years die and then come back, both villain and hero, that a character dying has lost the impact that it once had.  Just for example:  Magneto, Spider-Man, The Human Torch, Aunt May, Jean Grey, Wonder Man, Doc Ock, Mysterio, need I go on?


We knew that the comic book “Captain America” was going to continue so we all knew that eventually he would be back.  In all honesty they might as well have just sent him away on vacation for a year and then have him come back and pick up where he left off.


My only other complaint comes from the back of the book where we have a letter from Jim McCann from the marketing and sales department of Marvel.  The letter is long and boring, that I don’t have a problem with.  But what I do have a problem with is that at the end of his letter he misspells Steve Roger’s name and calls him “Steve Rodgers.”  Look, if you’re going to try to sell comic books for a living that is fine, but you should at LEAST know how to spell the main character’s name!  And if you don’t, get someone to proofread your letters before they are published!


The artwork overall is pretty good, and the story was interesting because it brought Bucky back into the main Marvel storyline which was nice to see.  It wasn’t a bad book, but it’s nothing we haven’t seen before.