So if you don’t know, my favorite super hero is Spider-Man and I’ve been reading it for about 10 years now and the quality of the stories have just gone down hill ever since.  Honestly the best stories that were released were in Civil War, Back in Black, Secret Invasion and Ends of the Earth.  That comes out to maybe 2 years of good comics while the rest were either mediocre or just crap!


If you’ve been living under a rock, let me break some news to you, Dan Slott, (The current writer of the series) pulled a Freaky Friday and put Doc Ock’s mind in Peter’s body and vice versa.  Then Peter, in Doc Ock’s body died and left Doc Ock in Peter’s body and left him with Peter’s guilt and his regrets.  With Peter’s dying breath, he made Doc Ock promise to be Spider-Man, and Ock promised he would be Spider-Man and make Peter proud.  He declared that he would use his intelligence, wisdom and cunning to become a SUPERIOR Spider-Man.  Thus the series was reset back to issue one and the title was changed from Amazing Spider-Man to the Superior Spider-Man


So Spider-Man is now Doc Ock’s mind in Peter’s body and someone I have dubbed Peter-Pus.  Now what’s strange and the reason I started this post was that all of Doc Ock’s little quirks are now transferred to Peter’s body, and NO ONE notices!  Seriously!  He’s talking totally differently, acting totally differently and suddenly has knowledge of things he didn’t before.  For example, now he can dance, he knows a lot about wines and suddenly has an interest in regenerative cybernetics.  And people who have worked with him for years, his former fiance (who is his current best friend MJ), and his Aunt, who might as well have been his mother, NONE OF THEM say anything to Peter and ask why he is suddenly acting completely different.  This is just shoddy writing and it makes me roll my eyes at how stupid it is.  Plus it doesn’t really help to draw in new readers who are just casually picking up the comic to see what it’s all about.

Bottom line, Dan Slott, YOU SUCK!!!