This is a review of the book “The Walking Dead:  The Road to Woodbury” what I posted on Amazon a while ago and I enjoyed it very much!  It got 4/5 stars from me.  Enjoy!

This is the second book in the Governor series from the Walking Dead and it is pretty good! The downside of this novel is that the main character of Lilly is just plain annoying!


The whole Lilly and Josh love thing is just boring and it is uninteresting. I was more interested to find out what happened in Woodbury with the Governor and the construction of his arena of death. But instead we have Josh and Lilly arguing while they’re doing things together

I really just wanted them to get some food, supplies, ammo and just get the heck out of Woodbury! But Josh and Lilly stay, Josh ends up dying to protect Lilly from some guys who want to take what he owes them out of her in the form of raping her.

Lilly gets a few people together to help her flee Woodbury and the wrath of the Governor but when they flee, they end up taking the Governor with them and they have him tied up. So why didn’t they just shoot him while he was helpless? Kinda weird if you ask me.

One part I really didn’t like is that at one point there is a mudslide near a graveyard and all the bodies there re-animate and they end up going toward Woodbury. This doesn’t sound like something that should happen with these zombies. Some of these wouldn’t be able to re-animate because there isn’t enough left of the body and brain if they’ve been in the ground for a long time, they’d be too decayed to re-animate. Plus these zombies re-animate almost immediately upon death, there wouldn’t be enough time to bury them so the math really doesn’t work.


I don’t know, there was just something missing from this book that was in Rise of the Governor that made that book awesome. There was just too much of Jay Bonansinga, his work just got into the way of Kirkman’s writing. I could tell everytime something didn’t make sense or just seemed silly, I could tell it was due to Jay.

Overall it was a good book, but it wasn’t as good as the first one.